Have you ever seen a key with the words “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on it? These types of keys are commonly used for things like office buildings, apartment complexes, and even your own home. But why do they have these words on them, and does it really mean that they’re advanced or impossible to duplicate?

Common Misconception about “Do Not Duplicate”       

First of all, let’s clear up a common misconception: “Do Not Duplicate” keys are not advanced keys. In fact, they’re just regular keys that have those words stamped on them as a deterrent for unauthorized duplication. The idea is that if someone finds the key, they won’t be able to easily get a copy made without the proper authorisation.

However, the truth is that “Do Not Duplicate” keys can be easily duplicated by anyone who has access to a key cutting machine. It’s not illegal to make a copy of a “Do Not Duplicate” key, but it’s typically against the rules set by the key owner or locksmith Myrtle Beach who created the original.

So why bother putting the words “Do Not Duplicate” on the key at all? Well, it’s a way to discourage people from making unauthorized copies. If someone sees the words on the key, they may be less likely to try to get a copy made. It’s also a way for the key owner to keep track of who has copies of the key, since authorized copies are typically marked in some way to show that they’re legitimate.

In the end, the most effective way to ensure the security of your keys is to use a more advanced type of key, such as a high-security key or an electronic key fob. These types of keys have more advanced security features that make them much harder to duplicate. But for regular keys with the words “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on them, just remember that they’re not any more advanced than a regular key, and anyone with access to a key cutting machine can make a copy.