One new study found that 13% of all break-ins happened through an unlocked door. This is an imperative reminder to keep your doors and windows locked. Moreover to keep your doors locked you must also invest in an alarm system. Most break-ins happen to residential homes as opposed to commercial properties. In fact, 67% of break-ins happen to home properties.

Residential Break-In Incidents

It is interesting to note that the majority of residential burglaries really happen during daylight hours. These are the hours naturally between 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. This is because homeowners aren’t commonly home during these hours. Housebreakers break in looking for small costly items but do not want to run into the proprietor. They most often take money and ornaments. Electronic objects and games are other items that are sought after by offenders. They most often attempt to take what can fit into their pockets or into small bags.

Break-ins to commercial properties commonly occur at night since this is the time period when no one is residing in the building. Break-ins to commercial buildings are generally slightly different in nature. The intruders are often willing to take larger things such as computers.  To keep these things in their mind every homeowner must choose a locksmith Tampa for avoiding the incidents of break-ins.

Increasing Incidents of Burglaries

Most residential burglaries happen through the front door. A new survey found that 35% of burglars entered through this door. 24% came in through a window on the first floor of the residence and 23% entered through the back door. Only 9% of intruders entered through the garage. 4% of intruders entered in the basement and 2% through a storage area. Only 2% of intruders came in through the second story. The remaining 3% entered through an opened door.