Introduce Innovative Technology for Better Home and Business Security

Due to anybody now being able to get bump keys over the internet bump key resistant products have been introduced to the home owners market and the old lock pin systems have now been replaced with wafer systems. These new systems only cost a few dollars more than the older systems which are a benefit to consumers. Consumers can now get bump protection as this newest technology allows home and business owners to change their keys at any given time.


Old keys can be disabled and the locks can be adjusted to make the new keys fit and open the door devoid of having to call in a quick locksmith. This is fastidious great especially when keys have been handed out to dog walkers, babysitters and cleaners. Once these people don’t work for you anymore you can adjust your lock to unlock with a new key. There are also drawbacks involved with these types of locks. The can be opened by a quick locksmith, who knows how to pick these locks which takes pretty some time.

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